I teach how to do CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, a way to visualize what we want to attract to our life with our thoughts, as the LAW OF ATTRACTION states.

Some times clients tell me, “I already did that,” without understanding that visualization needs to become a way of life.

The Law of Attraction has many secrets. The number 1 secret is to be thankful.

That is the way of the Universe, it favors those who are grateful for what they already have been granted.

To be thankful needs to become a way of life.

The Tao, the “way” in the philosophy of Taoism is the right way to do every thing. In Taoism, every act is a form of prayer. Because every action is Karma. Indeed Karma means action. Action is Faith and Faith is Action.

For the Law of Attraction, thankfulness is the tao.
You will attract that which you are thankful for.

And then, when you are visualizing what you want to attract into your life, you need to do it with so much faith that the Universe is listening to you, and that the Law of Attraction indeed works; that you feel joyful and grateful that it has already been granted to you.

It is the emotion of joy and gratefulness that brings the vibration of energy that sets every thing in motion.

Emotion brings motion.

Be thankful of what the Universe grants you.

Peace, Love & Gratefulness


Write down your Thanksgiving Wish and start being Thankful that it is being granted!

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