Happy New Year 2010!


Each New Year gives us the opportunity to evaluate the goals that we need to focus on for our development and progress.

The special New Year Tarot Spread gives us the elements to reflect on our achievements, lessons and challenges of the outgoing year and our goals and resolutions for the incoming year.

Each year is represented by four cards, corresponding to the four realms of the human experience. Cards 1-4 correspond to the outgoing year and 5-8 to the new incoming year.


Card 9 is the central card providing the main direction of our self-development to achieve our goals and aspirations. This card focuses in our hopes and dreams for the future and how to manifest them during the next 12 month cycle.

The first 8 cards are distributed in pairs according to the four levels of the human experience.

Cards 1 and 5, each corresponding to the outgoing and the incoming year, refer to the level of the body. The essential energy of these cards is related to the material and the physical, our health as well as all the material aspects of our lives, such as our possessions and the means to manifest material wealth: job, career and money. In the Tarot these values are expressed by the suit of disks, coins or pentacles and the element of earth.

Cards 2 and 6 correspond to the level of the mind. The realm of our mental and intellectual aspirations is presented by the suit of swords and the element of air. The essential energy of this level is related to the development of the power of our mind, manifested in the areas of projects, studies, organization and planning. And yes, indeed to the use of CREATIVE VISUALIZATION and AFFIRMATIONS to control our thoughts in order to tap to THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Cards 3 and 7 refer to the level of the heart. The energy of this level accounts for the emotional manifestation of our human nature through our feelings and relationships with family, friends and most certainly with the “significant other,” our partner and/or our romantic interests. The Tarot represents this level by the suit of hearts or cups and the element of water.

Card 4 and 8 relate to the level of the soul and the spirit. Our spiritual lessons and aspirations correspond to this level and are manifested in our philosophies and/or religious ideas. The tarot relates this level with the suit of wands and the element of fire.

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