– Is he my soulmate?

– What is a “soulmate”?

As a psychic advisor the most difficult questions for me to answer are related to the “soulmate” issue: “Is he my soulmate?” or “When will I meet my soulmate?” It is not easy, because I am a solution oriented type of advisor. I am indeed very pragmatic. And the idea of a “soulmate” is the most romantic one.

Unfortunately when we do meet somebody who may fill in the category of “soulmate” what develops is an inexplicable attachment with obsessive overtones. We can not get this person out of our minds, and what we feel is so intense that there is no comparison with any other encounter. It is a typical case of being “love sick.”

There are several common definitions of what a “soulmate” is.

The psychic’s definition of a “soulmate” is someone that lifetime after lifetime we encounter, due to a “contract,” an agreement to meet again and again. Yes, indeed, that belief system implies the acceptance of the concept of reincarnation.

Most people have the illusion that a “soulmate” encounter will be the best ideal relationship they could have. A “soulmate” encounter is indeed remarkable because it is surely love at first sight.

But because a “soulmate” is someone we have met before in previous lives, it is a karmic connection. Meaning it already has some karma to be burned.

When one meets a potential partner for the first time, it is a brand new beginning. Meeting a new love interest gives us the excitement of spring after winter. We feel this warmth running through our veins while our heart pumps faster.

But an encounter with a “soulmate” often times is charged with a “karmic debt.” In previous lives we either inflicted pain or in turn were hurt. Before our “soulmate” we already owe something. And pay we must.

The second deffiniton of “soulmate” comes from astrology, and the analysis of the compatibility between partners.

Horary astrology, a traditional branch of astrology that answers questions by using the exact time of day of the birth of a person rather than the birthdate, may provide a precise, in depth analysis of relationships, including finding a soulmate. Although admirable as a science, astrology seems to be a rather “hit or miss” chance to find our perfect partner.

The third definition of a “soulmate” is brought to us from the new age idealism that our best mate is someone who complements us. It is that special someone who lights the fire inside us because it is a beautiful mirror of our soul and shares our world view. This third definition of what a “soulmate” is defines our ideal partner as the spiritual “soulmate.”

I guess in most cases, this third definition of “soulmate” is what we look for, whether it comes from previous lifetimes or astrological compatibility; what ultimately makes us happy is the companionship of someone who understands us and thinks like us.

But what happens with the idea that opposites attract? Can we find our “soul-mate” in some one who loves us even if we are different, no matter what? Like Peanut’s Charly Brown’s philosophy on friendship: “A friend is someone who likes you,” I would say “A ’soulmate’ is someone who loves you.”


Iris Mystic Tarot

Nov. 1st, 2009

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