My Philosophy on Tarot


I started to read the Tarot professionally 15 years ago. I was living in Boulder, Colorado and with a Masters in Linguistics I was applying for jobs washing dishes, and not getting them. I had had a couple of Tarot readings in my youth, which predicted events that I believed were impossible, but that came to pass; so I decided to have a Tarot reading to ask for guidance on what to do with my life.

I was at the right place to find a Tarot reader. The lady took a look at me and told me that I was a psychic and that my destiny was to become a Tarot reader. I was skeptical. I always thought that psychics had paranormal abilities, and I didn’t see myself in that role. “How do I know that I am a psychic?” -I dared to ask. “Because I am a psychic”- she answered – “I know.”

Soon enough life put in my path a job in a psychic line over the phone. I had to provide a reading over the phone to the person who was going to hire me. I had a new Tarot deck I had bought at the metaphysical store, and some books. I tried to learn the meaning of each card and it was an incredible amount of information. I did not feel I was prepared for my first sample phone reading.

I had the Tarot of Thoth. It was outstandingly beautiful. A lady I had never seen before, my future boss, called me and asked me for a general reading. I did not know that it is customary to lay out the cards on a “spread,” a geometrical pattern where each card has a different meaning: past, present, future, outcome, etc. So, I opened the cards one by one. I remember that I was reading standing next to the window, in order to have enough light to see all the drawings clearly. Since I did not know the traditional meaning nor value of each card I started to describe the images. An advantage of the Tarot of Thoth was that each card had a label: Sorrow, Pleasure, Disappointment, Victory… so that facilitated finding something to say. After a few minutes, the lady told me that my reading was “hitting her right on the head!” And she hired me. I started working not knowing very well what to do. I was nervous. I remember each one of my first clients. A man who had a pregnant girlfriend, insecure of what to do. For him I got the 9 of disks, the card of Gain. “You have to learn to deal with paternity.” – I said. And he thought that I was just saying it as a personal advice. I had to reassure him that I had pulled this one card, and that’s what it meant. A young man out of prison, ashamed before society. For him I got the 9 of swords, the card of Cruelty. To him I said: ” You have been criticized and have internalized that criticism, and now that all those people are gone out of your life, you still inflict that pain to yourself. You made a mistake, but you already have payed your debt to society. Now you have to forgive yourself.”

Soon I realized, that even through my inexperienced voice, the precise message was delivered. Every day I was amazed.

15 years later I pick a card at random and I hold it in my hand, while the voice on the phone, which might be calling me from Paris or Japan, asks me a question. And the card I chose before that question was formulated carries the precise answer.

My philosophy on Tarot is rather simple: I’m the messenger.

Peace, Love & Light,


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