Happy New Year 2010!


Each New Year gives us the opportunity to evaluate the goals that we need to focus on for our development and progress.

The special New Year Tarot Spread gives us the elements to reflect on our achievements, lessons and challenges of the outgoing year and our goals and resolutions for the incoming year.

Each year is represented by four cards, corresponding to the four realms of the human experience. Cards 1-4 correspond to the outgoing year and 5-8 to the new incoming year.


Card 9 is the central card providing the main direction of our self-development to achieve our goals and aspirations. This card focuses in our hopes and dreams for the future and how to manifest them during the next 12 month cycle.

The first 8 cards are distributed in pairs according to the four levels of the human experience.

Cards 1 and 5, each corresponding to the outgoing and the incoming year, refer to the level of the body. The essential energy of these cards is related to the material and the physical, our health as well as all the material aspects of our lives, such as our possessions and the means to manifest material wealth: job, career and money. In the Tarot these values are expressed by the suit of disks, coins or pentacles and the element of earth.

Cards 2 and 6 correspond to the level of the mind. The realm of our mental and intellectual aspirations is presented by the suit of swords and the element of air. The essential energy of this level is related to the development of the power of our mind, manifested in the areas of projects, studies, organization and planning. And yes, indeed to the use of CREATIVE VISUALIZATION and AFFIRMATIONS to control our thoughts in order to tap to THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Cards 3 and 7 refer to the level of the heart. The energy of this level accounts for the emotional manifestation of our human nature through our feelings and relationships with family, friends and most certainly with the “significant other,” our partner and/or our romantic interests. The Tarot represents this level by the suit of hearts or cups and the element of water.

Card 4 and 8 relate to the level of the soul and the spirit. Our spiritual lessons and aspirations correspond to this level and are manifested in our philosophies and/or religious ideas. The tarot relates this level with the suit of wands and the element of fire.

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Ophiuchus (O-fee-Yoo-cuss) the 13th sign

I was born under the sign of Ophiuchus (O-fee-Yoo-cuss), the 13th sign.

The Sun’s transition through Ophiuchus usually occurs during November 29 and December 17. The constellation of Ophiuchus falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius and takes up 18° of the Sun’s path.

Solar system or Galaxy?

Following the opinion of Claudius Ptolemaeus, the Classical father of astrology (c 130 – 170 AD), that the Zodiac system should be fixed to the seasons, accounting for the orientation of the Earth relative to the solar system; Tropical astrologers divided the Sun’s path into 12 segments, giving each constellation an equal 30° of the heavens.

This left out Ophiuchus which is in contact with the ecliptic (the apparent path that the Sun traces out in the sky during the year, appearing to move eastwards on an imaginary spherical surface).

Differing from Plotemy, that never resolved the contradictions between tradition – the simple 12 Sign zodiac – and the reality of a 13th constellation of Ophiuchus that had been left out; another opinion considered of more importance to account for the orientation of the Earth relative to the background stars, to the galaxy.

This difference of opinion gave birth to two distinct schools of Astrology: Tropical astrology, traditionally practiced in the West; and Sidereal astrology, followed by some Western and all Jyotish astrologers ( Indian astrology, Hindu astrology and Vedic astrology).

The 13 astronomical constellations of the ecliptic

Constellation of Ophiucus

Astronomy does not leave out the constellation of Ophiucus. It is a large constellation located around the celestial equator between Aquila, Serpens and Hercules, northwest of the center of the Milky Way, quite visible between April and December. It is best visible in the northern summer located opposite to Orion in the night sky.

Ophiuchus is also known as Serpentarius. The name Ophiuchus originating in Greek and Serpentarius in Latin, both mean “serpent-holder”.

One of the original Ptolemy constellations, the Serpent Bearer is included in Ptolemy’s Al Magest Star Catalogue (c 130 – 170 AD) and the Farnese Globe, a depiction of Atlas holding the Celestial Sphere above his head, in a Roman copy of a circa 2nd century BC.

In Greek myth, Ophiuchus represents the god of medicine, Asclepius. Asclepius was the son of Apollo and was taught by Chiron, the Centaur. He learned how to bring people back from the dead, which worried Hades. The god of the underworld asked his brother Zeus to kill the medicine god. Zeus did strike him dead, but then put the figure of Asclepius in the sky to honor him.

Asklepios was a real physician who lived in Greece around 1200 BC, and through time, myth and legend, he became the Greek God of healing.

Are you born between November 29 and December 17?

Your sign beyond the zodiac is Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, seen by many as the zodiac’s thirteenth sign. He is Aesculapius, ‘the unceasingly gentle’, the Greek god of healing who holds the serpent of medicine and rebirth, and who offered cures and diagnoses to the sick in dreams.

You tune in naturally to other people’s feelings, and you need to use your latent gifts and understanding in a positive and active way if you are to feel fulfilled and easy with yourself.

Location – The stars of Ophiuchus lie between Scorpio and Sagittarius on the zodiac band.

Your Plant – Peony



Your Jewel – Crystal



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– Is he my soulmate?

– What is a “soulmate”?

As a psychic advisor the most difficult questions for me to answer are related to the “soulmate” issue: “Is he my soulmate?” or “When will I meet my soulmate?” It is not easy, because I am a solution oriented type of advisor. I am indeed very pragmatic. And the idea of a “soulmate” is the most romantic one.

Unfortunately when we do meet somebody who may fill in the category of “soulmate” what develops is an inexplicable attachment with obsessive overtones. We can not get this person out of our minds, and what we feel is so intense that there is no comparison with any other encounter. It is a typical case of being “love sick.”

There are several common definitions of what a “soulmate” is.

The psychic’s definition of a “soulmate” is someone that lifetime after lifetime we encounter, due to a “contract,” an agreement to meet again and again. Yes, indeed, that belief system implies the acceptance of the concept of reincarnation.

Most people have the illusion that a “soulmate” encounter will be the best ideal relationship they could have. A “soulmate” encounter is indeed remarkable because it is surely love at first sight.

But because a “soulmate” is someone we have met before in previous lives, it is a karmic connection. Meaning it already has some karma to be burned.

When one meets a potential partner for the first time, it is a brand new beginning. Meeting a new love interest gives us the excitement of spring after winter. We feel this warmth running through our veins while our heart pumps faster.

But an encounter with a “soulmate” often times is charged with a “karmic debt.” In previous lives we either inflicted pain or in turn were hurt. Before our “soulmate” we already owe something. And pay we must.

The second deffiniton of “soulmate” comes from astrology, and the analysis of the compatibility between partners.

Horary astrology, a traditional branch of astrology that answers questions by using the exact time of day of the birth of a person rather than the birthdate, may provide a precise, in depth analysis of relationships, including finding a soulmate. Although admirable as a science, astrology seems to be a rather “hit or miss” chance to find our perfect partner.

The third definition of a “soulmate” is brought to us from the new age idealism that our best mate is someone who complements us. It is that special someone who lights the fire inside us because it is a beautiful mirror of our soul and shares our world view. This third definition of what a “soulmate” is defines our ideal partner as the spiritual “soulmate.”

I guess in most cases, this third definition of “soulmate” is what we look for, whether it comes from previous lifetimes or astrological compatibility; what ultimately makes us happy is the companionship of someone who understands us and thinks like us.

But what happens with the idea that opposites attract? Can we find our “soul-mate” in some one who loves us even if we are different, no matter what? Like Peanut’s Charly Brown’s philosophy on friendship: “A friend is someone who likes you,” I would say “A ’soulmate’ is someone who loves you.”


Iris Mystic Tarot

Nov. 1st, 2009

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I teach how to do CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, a way to visualize what we want to attract to our life with our thoughts, as the LAW OF ATTRACTION states.

Some times clients tell me, “I already did that,” without understanding that visualization needs to become a way of life.

The Law of Attraction has many secrets. The number 1 secret is to be thankful.

That is the way of the Universe, it favors those who are grateful for what they already have been granted.

To be thankful needs to become a way of life.

The Tao, the “way” in the philosophy of Taoism is the right way to do every thing. In Taoism, every act is a form of prayer. Because every action is Karma. Indeed Karma means action. Action is Faith and Faith is Action.

For the Law of Attraction, thankfulness is the tao.
You will attract that which you are thankful for.

And then, when you are visualizing what you want to attract into your life, you need to do it with so much faith that the Universe is listening to you, and that the Law of Attraction indeed works; that you feel joyful and grateful that it has already been granted to you.

It is the emotion of joy and gratefulness that brings the vibration of energy that sets every thing in motion.

Emotion brings motion.

Be thankful of what the Universe grants you.

Peace, Love & Gratefulness


Write down your Thanksgiving Wish and start being Thankful that it is being granted!

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FORTUNE TELLING IN THE HIGH ARTS: A “Witches Den” in Giuseppe Verdi’s “Un Ballo in Maschera”

In 2005 I started to learn Italian. Thanks to my good fortune my young Italian teacher was an Opera singer. He invited the whole class to see him on his first supporting character role of Christiano in “Un Ballo in Maschera” by Giuseppe Verdi.

All my life I have enjoyed classical music and the voice of Luciano Pavarotti moved me. So I took my new role of Opera aficionado seriously and went to my school’s Music Library and got a video of Pavarotti in the role of the King, and the libretto in Italian, in order to be fully prepared to enjoy the performance knowing the story in advance.

The story is the political assassination of a King. The interesting psychic twist is that the King had been foretold by Ulrica, the town’s fortune teller, that he was going to be killed at the hands of his best friend. The King, disregarded this advice because he could not believe such a thing could ever happen, and lo and behold, he reached such tragic ending.

In the first scene we see Christiano, a loyal sailor in the service of the King, who disappointed that his loyalty had never been rewarded, consults the fortune teller, Ulrica, about his financial future (that certainly sounds familiar). Ulrica announces that he was going to be recognized and given a reward in gold from the King’s own hands, that very same night. Christiano is happy to receive such good news and pays the fortune teller gladly with one gold coin (hint).

The King, disguised as a commoner had been hiding in the audience, and after hearing this, decides to secretly deposit a bag full of gold coins in the sailor’s pouch. The sailor finds it and every one cheers. Amused by the whole situation the King decides to get himself a reading (“For entertainment purposes only”) and when he approaches Ulrica, she with her psychic powers, knows that he is the King and reveals his identity. Amazed by the clairvoyant he proceeds to get a palm reading. She sees in the lines in his hand the tragic end of his life and warns him. But the King, exercising his “Free Will,” disregards the predictions as impossible. I won’t spoil the suspense by revealing the details, but you know the ending.

Needless to say, I identified with Ulrica and fully enjoyed her interaction with the young, handsome sailor, interpreted by my teacher. But what bothered me about Giuseppe’s representation of this gifted psychic was that, following the prejudice of his historical time, he portrays the clairvoyant and her wise advice as a “thing of the devil.” I was very disturbed by this for weeks. I wanted to write a poem about it, setting the story straight from the point of view of Ulrica, by then, my alter ego.

Because my first language is Spanish, I was acquiring Italian at the speed of light, and I had written a little haiku in Italian describing my handsome teacher’s voice. But nothing prepared me for what happened to me one Saturday night when I came home after partying with a romantic interest.

I started hearing voices in my head retelling the scene at the so called “witches den” by the sea. The voices came in different foreign languages, a mix of Spanish, Portuguese (which I speak fluently) and my then rudimentary Italian. I dedicated more than three hours to transcribe what these voices were telling me. They were the Muses indeed, that through the centuries came to me, because they found that I was receptive to hear their message. In more than three hours from one thirty in the morning until five, I transcribed as fast as I could what several voices were whispering.

It was an explanation of the Law of Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect. Ulrica explained to Christiano that he did not need to be afraid of having his destiny read from the palm of his hand. She said, that because he had been a good man in his past lives, the God and the Goddess, at the moment of his conception decided on his fate, so his flesh will form the lines of his hand in such a way that she could read his destiny. I had never thought about the bases of Palm Reading in that way.

I am happy to announce that this long poem in Italian, which offers the scene between the King, the sailor and Ulrica, the Fortune Teller, will become a piece of musical theatre, thanks to a young Italian composer who has interest in writing music for it.

So, there you go, have the lines of your palm read, and don’t be afraid to discover your Karma.

Iris Mystic tarot
Nov. 5, 2009

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My Philosophy on Tarot


I started to read the Tarot professionally 15 years ago. I was living in Boulder, Colorado and with a Masters in Linguistics I was applying for jobs washing dishes, and not getting them. I had had a couple of Tarot readings in my youth, which predicted events that I believed were impossible, but that came to pass; so I decided to have a Tarot reading to ask for guidance on what to do with my life.

I was at the right place to find a Tarot reader. The lady took a look at me and told me that I was a psychic and that my destiny was to become a Tarot reader. I was skeptical. I always thought that psychics had paranormal abilities, and I didn’t see myself in that role. “How do I know that I am a psychic?” -I dared to ask. “Because I am a psychic”- she answered – “I know.”

Soon enough life put in my path a job in a psychic line over the phone. I had to provide a reading over the phone to the person who was going to hire me. I had a new Tarot deck I had bought at the metaphysical store, and some books. I tried to learn the meaning of each card and it was an incredible amount of information. I did not feel I was prepared for my first sample phone reading.

I had the Tarot of Thoth. It was outstandingly beautiful. A lady I had never seen before, my future boss, called me and asked me for a general reading. I did not know that it is customary to lay out the cards on a “spread,” a geometrical pattern where each card has a different meaning: past, present, future, outcome, etc. So, I opened the cards one by one. I remember that I was reading standing next to the window, in order to have enough light to see all the drawings clearly. Since I did not know the traditional meaning nor value of each card I started to describe the images. An advantage of the Tarot of Thoth was that each card had a label: Sorrow, Pleasure, Disappointment, Victory… so that facilitated finding something to say. After a few minutes, the lady told me that my reading was “hitting her right on the head!” And she hired me. I started working not knowing very well what to do. I was nervous. I remember each one of my first clients. A man who had a pregnant girlfriend, insecure of what to do. For him I got the 9 of disks, the card of Gain. “You have to learn to deal with paternity.” – I said. And he thought that I was just saying it as a personal advice. I had to reassure him that I had pulled this one card, and that’s what it meant. A young man out of prison, ashamed before society. For him I got the 9 of swords, the card of Cruelty. To him I said: ” You have been criticized and have internalized that criticism, and now that all those people are gone out of your life, you still inflict that pain to yourself. You made a mistake, but you already have payed your debt to society. Now you have to forgive yourself.”

Soon I realized, that even through my inexperienced voice, the precise message was delivered. Every day I was amazed.

15 years later I pick a card at random and I hold it in my hand, while the voice on the phone, which might be calling me from Paris or Japan, asks me a question. And the card I chose before that question was formulated carries the precise answer.

My philosophy on Tarot is rather simple: I’m the messenger.

Peace, Love & Light,


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Major Arcana XIII – The Death card

A new beginning

I feel like having a new beginning

to let go of the old and welcome the new.

But the old piles up in my closets

and hides between layers

of clothed memories of youth.

I want to let go of the old

and welcome the new


I would have to learn to walk again

I would have to

give away my keepsakes

and the recurrent dreams

of an old soulmate.

I want to let go of the old

and welcome the new

but the old knew me well

and the new

doesn’t even know how I exist.

I want to let go of the old

because the old grew gray hair

and couldn’t even walk.

Because at one point the eyes

shut like permanent crescent


with no light.

I want to let go of the old

and welcome the new

so the old can be reborn


but how would I know

when and where to find

the last memory

the last gesture.

I want to let go of the old

but it hurts

and I’m lonely.


To B. Y. L. C. L

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